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What is a Plein Aire Painting?

The term “en Plein aire” is derived from the French language meaning literally to paint “in the fresh air”.

Plein Aire now refers to paintings done on location by an artist. These paintings are usually quite small as the artist must race to complete the piece before the sun and direction of light has changed.

There is also the added complexity of contending with natural elements such as wind, humidity, bugs and rain.

Why spend a day observing artists' painting?

People need to feel compelled, whether personally or as an investment, to purchase a piece of original art.  The Event provides an opportunity for the public to become a part of the creative process and understand the significance of the artists and the work that goes into each piece.Today, many artists feel the impact of over-reproduced retail art, particularly because consumers do not understand the real value behind original art, and the Buckhorn Plein Aire Event provides a  fun and informative way for the entire family to experience artistic creation.


The Gallery on the Lake is pleased to host the first annual Plein Aire Event in Buckhorn. The event will run for one day, and showcase more than a dozen artists painting "en plein air". Many collectors appreciate Plein Aire paintings because of the direct connection that takes place between the artist and their subject.

Come and see your favourite artists painting "in the open air" in and around the Gallery on the Lake. Gain more understanding and knowledge of art, through observation and conversations with the artists. It promises to be a fun day for all!

Who can attend and cost?

Everyone is invited and welcome to attend!

This event is open to the public and we look forward to seeing everyone at the event. The Event is free!

About The Gallery on the Lake

Our 15,000 square foot Gallery, is one of the largest retail fine Art Galleries in all of Canada. It is housed in an octagon-shaped cedar clad building on a large pink granite rock outcropping on the shores of Lower Buckhorn Lake. Our premises also house a café overlooking the lake, Art School, and framing facilities .
We represent more than 130 Canadian artists  in a diversity of mediums- paintings, sculpture, woodcarvings, ceramics, glassware, and jewellery.

During our season from May to December we host a Monthly Feature Exhibit with individual or group shows, presenting a new exhibit each month in a specially designated area in the Gallery. This allows for the viewing of fresh new works, often highly anticipated, each and every month.

Where will the event take place?

The Gallery on the Lake is the location of the event, with a number of additional locations on Gallery on the Lake road (fire route 21, Buckhorn).